Over 500 daily newspapers from around the world… and FREE trials!


Hello everyone… and welcome to NewspaperDirect’s hospitality blog! We have developed this blog to be used as a support tool for all of our current and future valued customers.  

Our Print-on-Demand product, ND Press, is a comprehensive newspaper solution which enables hoteliers to provide guests with same-day out-of-market newspapers from around the world. With hundreds of leading hotels worldwide already using our service, ND Press has become an exciting, easy-to-use newspaper solution that has helped create higher levels of guest satisfaction and make guests feel “right at home”.

  Enjoying their favorite hometown newspapers

 So how does it work?

We ensure that each and every of the 500+ newspapers in our distribution network are the most recent editions available on the market. Each newspaper is available on our distribution network on the same day it is released in the home country. What’s more, the newspapers come with the original content and formatting, and have the look and feel of a real newspaper.  

Providing guests with their favorite hometown newspapers is very simple and cost effective. Each of our subscribers is provided with a unique user ID to our digital distribution site, where they can download and print any available out-of-market newspaper for their guests, 24-hours a day. Hotels are always looking for new ways to go above and beyond for their guests, and with hundreds of newspapers from countries all over the world, printing a newspaper on-site, and on-demand, will truly create a more memorable hotel experience for each guest.  

Just a few examples of how some hotels have integrated ND Press into their hotel:       

  • At the reservations desk, guests can pre-order and be welcomed by their favorite newspapers, 24-hours a day.

  • In the restaurant, guests can now read while they wait for their order, and also enjoy their daily news with their meal.

  •  During events, conferences and meetings, hotel staff can provide distinguished guests with their favorite newspapers as they enter the meeting facilities.

  •  Enhance in-room and VIP services by personally delivering newspapers to private guest rooms.  

  • Customize newspapers to include each guest’s name and room number, or, include a personal message from the hotel.  

Please click  here  to view our product brochure, or go to the Resources section. 

A few of our valued subscribers…

Today, there are hundreds of top hotels and resorts worldwide that believe in the value of our service, and have implemented ND Press as a staple amenity within the property. In addition, we have been successful at the chain level, and have installed our newspaper solution in multiple properties at highly reputable brands, such as:

Click here to find out more about our key installations and current titles, or go to the Resources section. 

So what does all this mean?

Each guest deserves the very best, and providing them with all of the conveniences they would have received at home is what sets apart the highest ranking hotels and resorts. As an amenity service provider, our goal is to help you fulfill every guest’s needs by presenting a tangible solution –- the hard-copy same-day newspapers of choice from your guest’s hometown. We welcome you to try our product for free, and see how easy and convenient it is to have an ND Press installation in your property. 

Have a spectacular day!


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