Q1 sales: 33 new hotels


Hi everyone! 

Well, the results are in – and I am happy to announce that NewspaperDirect has had an exceptional first quarter in ND Press and ND PrintStation sales. During the months of April, May and June, we signed a total of 33 luxury hotels and resorts from around the world.  

And… here comes the best part… since many of these hotels liked the idea of using a web-based service, they opted for ND Press and were very happy to register online via our ND Press Registration Portal.  

So who are our newest ND Press and ND PrintStation subscribers? Here is a list of just a few of them… 

The first quarter was very important for us because it allowed us to carefully review the functions of the new registration portal – our goal was to make it as easy and effective to use as possible for our subscribers. The feedback we received from some of you has definitely kept our developers busy with their efforts in making the recommended changes to the portal!  

With that said, on behalf of NewspaperDirect and the sales department, I would like to extend a very warm “thank you” to all of our subscribers that had the chance to use the registration portal and provide us with their suggestions. Your ongoing support has allowed us to continue expanding our services throughout the global hospitality industry.  

Of course, we expect that the final results for Q2 will be even better. J  

Happy reading, 


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