ND Press training — now on video


Hi everyone and welcome back!

I hope you have all had a fabulous summer… or winter, depending on what part of the world you are in. As always, we have been cooking up some very interesting new ideas here at NewspaperDirect.

Since the launch of the new online registration site for ND Press, and with more than 50 new hotels subscribed to the service since March, our newspaper solution has been receiving a lot of questions and positive feedback from our current and potential customers in the hotel industry.

Naturally… we decided to put our heads together to create a fun and informative way of answering all of your questions.

After a lot of hard work, we are very happy to release the very first video demonstration for the ND Press service. The short video was designed to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install the PressReader software and benefit from the many features of ND Press.

For easy access, the video will also be posted on our Hotel ND Press registration site, as well as the Hotel ND Press home page.

Thanks to all of you for your questions, comments and ongoing support… keep ’em coming!



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