Happy Earth Day!


Hi everyone,

Most of you have probably already heard about Starwood’s latest news — they announced the launch of their new “green” hotel chain, Element. This new chain will be pursuing green initiatives, and essentially paving the way for the hotel industry. These ultra-chic and modern hotels will have all of the luxuries, conveniences and amenities that many of us have come to expect from Starwood’s properties, with the addition of eco-friendly facilities such as energy efficient appliances, over-sized windows in the lobby and guest rooms for natural lighting, and priority parking for hybrid cars.

Personally, I think that this new initiative is just what the hotel industry needed — and with more and more hotel chains and independent properties also taking a more proactive approach towards the environment, we will soon be able to see a major shift in the industry as a whole.

With that said, I am very proud to say that many of our valued customers have thoroughly incorporated our ND Press solution as their primary source of printed newspapers — and have ultimately been able to minimize on wastage from locally delivered newspapers. And with the launch of Hotel PressDisplay, more and more properties are now looking into providing our onscreen service to their tech savvy guests.

Regardless of whether our customers choose ND Press or Hotel PressDisplay, NewspaperDirect is proud to be a part in helping our hoteliers and many other customers to read their newspapers responsibly, and give a little back to the environment.

Have a fabulously green day — if any of you have any tips on how we can become more eco-friendly, please let me know!



3 Responses to “Happy Earth Day!”

  1. Boley Says:

    Very good post.

  2. Thom Says:

    Hello! Hola from Spain.

    First time here, but not last one. I like your blog’s post even more than before I started to read it. Gracias! :* Bessos. Nombres

  3. Pulkrabek Says:

    Thanks for the post.. I have been doing some research.. this is very usefull 🙂

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