Frequently Asked Questions

At NewspaperDirect Concierge, we thrive on the success of our valued subscribers and work hard to provide you all with the most up-to-date and useful information about ND Press. Our goal with this blog is to create a support system for all of our friends and subscribers so that we can all learn about the key benefits, features and usage options for ND Press.

Because we know that our newer subscribers might have a few questions about the service, we have created this “Frequently Asked Questions” section. As we continue to receive questions from our subcribers, we will post them here for everyone to view.

And… in the true spirit of “concierge service” we also invite all of you to share your stories, tips and tricks!

We hope you find this information useful.


Do you provide the actual newspaper, or just a summary? 

NewspaperDirect is committed to providing customers with same-day editions of prominent newspapers from around the world. Our print-on-demand solution provides exact-replica newspapers in their original format, complete with the editorials, columns, advertisements, comics, classifieds and other content found in the original publication.  


How recent are the newspapers, and what times are they made available?

Every day, publishers from around the world send us the digital files for the most recent edition of their respective publications. Our dedicated technical support team monitors each of the files to make sure they are error-free and complete, and then uploads them onto our digital distribution sites. Once a newspaper is uploaded, it is immediately available to all of our customers worldwide. For a detailed newspaper availability schedule for your time-zone, please get in touch with us at  


What are the system and hardware requirements?

Getting started is very simple. All you need is the following: 

  1. PC with Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

  2. High-speed internet connection.

  3. Laser-quality digital printer/copier with 11×17 or A3 size paper compatibility, and a duplex option. We also recommend that is has a printing speed of least 35 pages per minute.

For more information on the requirements, please click here.

How does ND Press work? 

ND Press is a web-based print-on-demand program that will enable you to download same-day newspapers from our distribution site ( Using our software program, PressReader, you can print the newspapers of your choice on your existing printer or digital copier.

Also, we have created a short ND Press Video Demonstration to show you how easy to use the service really is. Please click here to watch the video.

How do I set up the Subscription Management feature?

Using the Subscription Management feature, you can instruct the PressReader software to automatically download the newspapers of choice for a specific date range. Here are the steps for using the Subscription Management feature:

  1. Open PressReader.

  2. Under “My Subscriptions” on the left-hand side of the page, click on “ND Press”.

  3. On the top of the screen, click on “All Available” and choose the Country and/or Language of choice.

  4. Double-click on the appropriate title to open the “New Subscription” box.

  5. Using the drop-down menu, select the date range (inclusive) that you would like to set up your subscription for. You can un-check any of the particular days where the newspaper is not needed.

  6. In the “Print upon Download” box, enter the number of copies you would like to have printed each day.   

Can I personalize a newspaper with the guest’s name?

With ND Press, you can give your newspapers that extra special touch by personalizing newspapers with the guest’s name or a unique message from the hotel. The personalized comment will appear on the bottom or side of each page of the newspaper. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Open PressReader.

  2. Under “My Subscriptions” on the left-hand side of the page, click on “ND Press”.

  3. On the top of the screen, click on “All Available” and choose the Country and/or Language of choice.

  4. Double-click on the appropriate title to open the “New Subscription” box.

  5. At the very bottom of the box, please enter your message in the “Comment Line”.  


On the pricing packages, does “Print 5” mean that I can only print a maximum of 5 newspapers each day?

All of our packages are designed to help you maximize on your newspaper printing ability. When looking at the pricing plans, the most important thing to look at is the total number of newspaper copies included in the package. Print 5, Print 10 and Print 15 indicate the average number of daily copies each plan provides, but do not restrict you to only printing that many per day.  

For example, if your property subscribed to the Annual Print 5 package, you would be able to download and print a total of 1800 newspaper copies over the 12-month period. The 1800 copies will continue to roll over to the next month until the end of the term. Based on high and low periods at your property, you are welcome to print as many or as little as you need each day, up to a total of 1800 for the term. If you go over the 1800 copies in the 12 months, then you will be charged per each additional newspaper copy.   

Can I try ND Press before subscribing?

We know how important it is for you to try a new product before making the final purchase, so we are always happy to accommodate that by offering a free ND Press trial account. The 7-day trial will enable you to print any 10 available out-of-market newspapers of your choice, and will give you the opportunity to test all of the exciting features that ND Press has to offer.

To register for a free trial, simply go to and submit your user information. Once you register, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with further instructions on how you can set up the PressReader software and start printing your favorite newspapers.   


The trial account worked great! How can I subscribe?

Now that you are ready to move forward with an actual subscription for ND Press, all you have to do is select the package of your choice and submit your payment via credit card (alternative methods also available). Here is how you can get started with ND Press:

  1. Open PressReader.

  2. On the left-hand side of the page, go to “Online Services” and click on “ND Press”.

  3. Once the ND Press pages opens, click on “Update Service Package”.

  4. Select the package of your choice and click on “Continue” to proceed with the payment instructions.  


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