Hotel PressDisplay

Here are just some of the valuable features and functions that hotel guests would be able to enjoy with Hotel PressDisplay:

Extensive Global Newspaper Selection. Hotel PressDisplay provides instant access to over 1,700 different newspapers titles from 92 countries in 39 languages.

Download Newspapers for Off-Property Reading. Users can download digital editions to their laptops and read them when they are in areas without Internet access. 

Advanced Features for Quick Searches and Easy Reading. Newspaper articles can be read by zooming into the article and enlarging it up to five times its original size, or by reading it in text version. Users can also find their news by searching topics across all titles or in a single edition.

Jump to Specific Articles Using the Table of Contents. Users can save time by using the Table of Contents to quickly locate and jump to specific articles.

Link To and Share Articles. Users can link from one article to another of similar content, and can also share their favorite articles with their friends, family and colleagues by simply clicking on the “email” icon.

Translate Articles into Multiple Languages. Hotel PressDisplay’s innovative technology permits users to translate articles in the newspaper in up to 12 different languages.

“Listen” to Articles Using Newspaper Radio. With Hotel PressDisplay’s Interactive Newspaper Radio, users can have their favorite newspapers read to them by their PC while they get ready for the day.


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